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Today in my pocket I found a little post-it note written by me in pencil a while ago. It read “see the illusion by the reality surrounding it.” I really like that, particularly because I am reading so many new ideas in my communication program. I think it’s difficult, maybe even impossible, to deal directly with an illusion one has; it’s like trying to see vision. For me, it is usually surrounding ideas and convictions that change the illusion or modify the idea, rather than a direct and forceful altering of something. I take reality to be interconnected, and truth to be the apprehension of these relationships. This is quite different than a hierarchy, in which some concepts trump others, in which convictions must be sacrificed for Right to occur, for Truth to win. An anxious mind needs to feel that all loose end are tied up, that the ratio has been established, while a calm mind understands the changing body, understands that problems can be dealt with as they arise in reality, in connection with other phenomena.

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