Healing your mind

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I come across a lot of talk about healing the body, in medical and scientific contexts, but I don’t usually come across talk regarding healing the mind. I first encountered such an idea through the Oregon Ki Society. Conceptualizing part of my mind as patterns of thought, and patterns of perception, helps me to think about health. Just like amputees can still feel their missing limb, my mind continues in patterns which aren’t needed anymore. For instance, the pattern of taller people being worthy of authority. Made sense when I was a child, but it’s not really a useful pattern anymore. Feeling crummy and unmotivated is another example. When I exercise, eat right, and engage in a variety of tasks, I don’t need to continue a negative way of thinking. I can strengthen my mind to be positive.


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Just finished my yoga routine, after going swimming at the pool.  This stuff just keeps getting better and better, and it’s very encouraging to feel the progress in my muscles and joints.  Yoga is one practice in my life that gives me improvement.  As long as I commit to the doing, I will become healthier and I will see improvement.  The more frequently I practice, the more improvement I will feel.  That’s what I like about health and wellness practices – you can feel an immediate and tangible change as you go along.  Your body gives you feedback and information to work with.  I’ve been using the videos on my brother’s website www.funeffectiveworkouts.com.  We’re both going to be trying Bikram yoga for the month of September.  Trying out new styles is fun, but for me the alignment and calm that accompanies yoga is the best part. ?


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I’ve been playing around with different themes, trying to find one I like.  The purpose of the blog/site really determines what kind of style an author will want to present.  Since I have at least two distinct interests right now, I’m liking a couple different styles.  One thread is along the reflection/cultural critique line, and the other is along a health and wellness line.


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Finally finally I have gotten around to exploring what all the WordPress talk is about.  So far, so good.  The ability to customize and create a site that looks unique should provide me with more motivation and curiosity for web communication.

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