Relational Dialectics

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A dialectical approach to communication starts with the acknowledgement that opposing desires/commitments are present at all times.  In our relationships and interactions we try to negotiate contrary commitments:

Autonomy and Connectedness

Favoritism and Impartiality

Openness and Closedness

Novelty and Predictability

Instrumentality and Affection

Equality and Inequality

These were articulated by Leslie A. Baxter in 1988, and in a larger landscape, a dialectical approach comes from Mikhail Bakhtin and a Yin-Yang perspective.  Instead of viewing problems I encounter as one-way departures from a norm, it helps me to think about how opposing forces shape the problem at hand.

back and busan

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Wow, it has been over a year since I posted here!  My life has been filled with graduate school classes, moving to South Korea, and living in Busan.  As the spring weather arrives here I feel more inspired to express myself.  I suppose I haven’t been totally defunct for so long; I put up another blog,, where I’ve talked about some of my experiences, but even there I haven’t posted for a long time.  I keep these the two arenas of gut stuff and thought-life separate, but they do bleed into each other.

Bleeding Lights

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Short film on light waste.

Follow Focus

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Simple solution for shifting focus:

Depth of Field

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Nice demo.

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