Bikram Yoga

September 18th, 2011 § 0 comments

I purchased a Groupon for a month of Bikram Yoga, and I’m pleased to be getting back into it. Bikram was my first extended experience with classroom yoga, about a year ago. From there I went on to try Corepower’s heated vinyasa flow and then this summer I completed the teacher training 200 hour program at Corepower Yoga NW. I felt the need for a break, however, and so I’m checking out some other studios, looking for new and affordable options. Yoga can get expensive! There’s so many studios in Portland, though, that a person can bounce around for awhile, trying out classes within introductory packages. But I had already done the month for 30 dollars at Bikram Hall Studio so when I saw this Groupon I snapped it up. It’s back to Bikram and it only cost 30 dollars for another month.

There’s no music played in a 90 minute Bikram class and the temperature is at about 105 degrees.  Since I have done a lot more yoga during this past year, the Bikram class seemed a lot stranger than when I first participated.  It can be a kind of torture.  I was asking myself why we were all putting ourselves through this gross experience; it’s extremely hot and everyone is just dumping sweat.  However, once you get past the standing series and move to the ground, the class turns into a sort of heady meditation.  The back bends in particular really opened me up, and the corpse poses between each ground pose give mini-breaks during which life realizations can flow into your awareness.  It’s the next day and I feel great; looks like every other day or third day will be my schedule for the month.  Since the weather is getting cooler the classes will become even more appealing.  Bikram is a great practice for me at this point in time.

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